Hanson.net Store Group Order 2012


Join the group order if you agree with the following:

– Forex exchange is X45 (unless there will be a drastic change with the Philippine economy but i doubt that lol);

– Only available items can be purchased. No items marked pre-order.

– USPS will be used as our courier from Tulsa to Johnny Air Cargo, New York (I have a USA mailing address);

– Johnny Air Cargo will be used as our courier from NY to Philippines (i dislike lost items and it happened to me in the past so wala tlaga akong tiwala sa post office natin. thank you);

– Shipping fees for both USPS and Johnny Air Cargo will be divided into the number of Fansons who are going to join the group buying;

– On October 10, 2012, you are going to send the name, size, quantity, and link of the items you wish to purchase on Hanson.net to Laarni via FB PM or email order@hansonph.net. (E.g. Hanson shirt, Small, 1pc);

– You are going to pay me twice (okay that’s confusing, please continue reading…)
a) First payment is on Oct 16, 2012: Items + Shipping Fee (from Tulsa to New York via USPS)
b) Second payment (will be announced or whenever you are ready to pay): Shipping Fee only (from New York to Manila, Philippines via Johnny Air Cargo)

We are strict with the deadline because we are avoiding out-of-stock items and it’s very frustrating for those who paid on time. Please join the bandwagon if you are really serious and can pay on time;

– Only mode of payment is through bank deposit, UnionBank of the Philippines as we are going to use the EON debit card. No exceptions.

– If the items are already on hand, you may ask me to send your items via Air21 or LBC. Meet ups would be fine but I am not always available because I have a baby, her name is Aria and she is cute. lol.

– Limited slots only. First come, first served. Group cap is $200.

Questions? Comment here, email me (order@hansonph.net) or PM me. Thank you.


Hanson.net 2012 Member EP and Fan Club Membership Giveaway WINNERS

ENTRY #12: 96%
Dianne Marie P.
Cebu City, Cebu

“Wow!! Who would ever thought that the band would give her this much excitement and energy!! Amazing picture,” Y. Villarin.

ENTRY #6: 92%
Therese Alma M.
Cebu City, Cebu

“I like this one! Maganda ang interpretation niya ng Shout It Out,” I. Angeles.

Expect an email from us this week! Congratulations!

Check out the rest of the participants on this link, click. Thank you for joining!