Siobhan Magnus loves Hanson

I am following American Idol Season 9 and thought of sharing this cute info about one of the contestants in the top 24, her name is Siobhan Magnus.

First music purchased: “When I was in the first grade, the first tape that was mine was the MMMBop single by Hanson. I still adore them wholeheartedly. I am the biggest Hanson fan. I’ve seen them four times. I cried every time.” [source]

My pick for this season is Casey James pero like ko na rin si Siobhan. hehehe.

We are the world

I just finished watching the “We Are The World for Haiti” and I was very disappointed,  I was like “Ba’t walang HANSON???” :angry: Seriously, BAKIT WALANG HANSON!  :angry:

Watch it here:

[youtube width=”400″ height=”320″][/youtube]

Hanson should be there, they have the real heart with fund-raising events.   I want to message Zac now, and ask him.. “BAKIT WALANG HANSON??!!”