New Christmas FUTY!



Zac cut his hair! But I think I like the longer hair better. Parang yun yung perfect eh :)) I didn’t like his super long hair and yung ito, parang it’s not him eh :)) The not-so-long hair was perfect for him. It was long, but not that long. But that’s just me! Hahaha! Click the picture for the video!

Happy Christmas, Hanson friends! Hope you have a great Christmas! 😀

Hanson Concert Series

Hanson will have a five-night concert series in New York City’s Gramercy Theater and they will also perform at the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey.  I googled the bamboozle festival, Paramore will be there, too! :blush:

And about the festival:

The Bamboozle is an annual rain-or-shine, two-day music festival held in New Jersey. Every year, new bands compete for spots during the two days.

mukhang astig pala tong festival na toh noh?

Five-night concert schedule:
April 26 – “Middle of Nowhere
27 – “This Time Around
28 – “Underneath
29 – “The Walk
30 – new album


May 1- Bamboozle Festival

see the rest of the article here:  Tulsa World

Chrismassy Freebie

Hello guys!

Jam aka hanson_lover is giving away one copy of Hanson’s Underneath, this was released in 2004 and it contains:

# Strong Enough to Break
# Dancin’ In The Wind
# Penny & Me
# Underneath
# Misery
# Lost Without Each Other
# When You’re Gone
# Broken Angel
# Deeper
# Get Up And Go
# Crazy Beautiful
# Hey

This is not a contest, kung sino pa ang walang copy nito, comment and let me know. Thank you!