Happy 1st anniversary for HansonPH

First of all, I would like to thank our past hosts:

HTP actually means Hanson Trader Police. I used to be one of the owners of this website. It catches bad traders. Then I thought of reviving this website so I asked Ikay of miss-taken.org to host it. But I changed my mind, so I made a group blog na lang for Filipino Hanson fans, then I named it On The Tightrope kaya naging OTT ang short term.

Miss-taken.org was hacked by an awful hacker so Ikay’s website went down so kasama ung blog natin. Pero since I regularly back up the entries and comments of our blog, okay lang, na-save lahat. We had to move to new location.

Creativebucket.com is run by officemates of minolah. So kasama na rin si minolah sa pagbayad ng webspace nito. Siguro? lol. So thank you ever. wehehehe.

Then, we bought, at last, a domain (hansonPH.net) tapos pinalitan ng name na Hanson Philippines para mas cool, and the rest is history.

Secondly, I would like to thank all the people who keep on visiting the blog and keep on creating crazy entries and comments. Thank you for the participation. I know it’s hard to keep people in one place so seeing you under the Fans Online Now, makes me happy na. wahahhaa. ang drama. pbbbbt.

Thank you, senior authors: Cjoy, Rose, Bingkoi, Jam, Jayne, Meri, Minolah, Skye, Zee, and the missing in action pplz: Kooky, Rhodzkie, Shanon, and Charmaine and to the rest of the people who registered.

Thirdly, thank you Dre of misswicked.org for creating a wonderful layout.

Finally, thank you Hanson. I wish you go here, too, and be our guest bloggers. That would be awesomely rockingly cool!