How to use the Categories

The Categories

    * Audios & Videos (if your post contains Hanson videos and audios)
    * Authors (anything related to you, personal, non-hanson or pwede na rin hanson related.)
    * Family & Friends (Hanson’s family and friends, includes wife, children, parents, sibs, etc.)
    * Featured Artists (non-Hanson, if you want to share jbros, that’s okay. lol.)
    * General (this may be hanson or non hanson related, if you think your entry doesn’t fall under the existing categories, please use this.)
    * Gossips (unsure or not proven true Hanson news/info. Dish the dirt!)
    * Hanson (when you are talking about the tantalizing trio)
    * Isaac (ikey ikey pooh)
    * Pictures (If your post contains photos)
    * Protected (Password protected posts! Ssssh!)
    * Site Updates (I probably be using this category more than you heh.)
    * Taylor (jordan’s feet posts)
    * Zac (zasharrrryyy!!)

Please be responsible enough to use the correct categories when writing a new entry. You may use one to two categories in a single post, or even three. Thank you.